2008, May 1, Austin, TX, The Continental Club, 10:30pm

From The Continental Club newsletter, Continental Confidential, Volume XI, Issue 11.4:

Thursday May 1 @ 10:30, 11:00, 12:00, 12:30. $?Link Wray Memorial B’day BashThirteen Guitar Rumble! Link may have been one of the most influential & creative guitarists of his generation. Wray is the man behind the most important D chord in history. You can hear that chord in all its raunchy magnificence on the epochal 1958 instrumental “Rumble.” By stabbing his amplifier’s speaker cone with a pencil, Wray created the overdriven rock-guitar sound taken up by Townshend, Hendrix and others. Burnin’ Mike Vernon has assembled a collection of some of the the coolest & best guitarists in Austin for this tribute to the one & only Link Wray! The first set will be with Vernon, guitaress Eve Monsees with Mike Buck and Homer Henderson. The second set will feature Denny Freeman, Kent “Omar” Dykes, Redd Volkaert, Nick Curran, Rosie Flores, John X Reed, and Thierry LeCoz, with Pat Collins. The third set will be a classic 13 Guitar Rumble with most of the above named guitarists, plus Doug Strahan & more! Burnin’ Mike Vernon’s 3 Balls of Fire – “the men with the burning guitars” – have led the way for instrumental bands in Austin since 1987. The popular trio performs original, high octane, road-tested, surf-drenched Texas twang. They dip into surf guitar, hotrod music, lounge favorites, and cowboy exotica from the Sixties, and their bluesy twang is incendiary. Heavily influenced by the incomparable Link Wray? You bet.”

2008, May 1, Austin, TX, The Continental Club, 6:30pm

Happy Hour with Mike Flanigin’s B-3 Trio at The Continental Club

2008, May 17 – July 11, Next Leg of Bob Dylan Tour

With Denny continuing his current gig playing guitar in Bob Dylan’s band!

Check http://bobdylan.com/moderntimes/tour/main.html for showdates and ticket availability.

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Cafe Boogaloo


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