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Hi! Jethro here, admin of dennyfreeman.org.

This fan page is a “feed” version of dennyfreeman.com just with some additional info (usually more details about gigs) as well as a place where fans can comment. I knew a lot of folks would enjoy having an RSS feed of his gigs, and somewhere that a general history could reside. The RSS from dennyfreeman.org is also used to feed the Denny Freeman page on Facebook (Mr. Freeman in not currently a member of Facebook).
I do this on my dime just for fun and out of great respect for Denny Freeman and his music.
While he doesn’t post on here personally, he is cool with the site’s existence.
That being said, no opinions, views, comments, info, or anything else on here should be attibruted to Mr. Freeman unless they are exact copies of what comes from dennyfreeman.com or his email list.

Now get out of the house and enjoy some music already!

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